Meet the Women Leaders of Israel – Jan.30, 2019

Tirosh Finances (Tel-Aviv), IsraelValley (CCFI), CCIIF Chambre de Commerce Israël-FranceBusiness-France(Tel-Aviv).

Tirosh Finances is a Family Office company which specializes in providing financial and pension related services to a wide clientele, managing funds of over 4 billion NIS.

Among the products we offer are the managing of provident funds and advanced study funds, as well as managed customer portfolios and other financial and pension related products.

In addition, Tirosh Finances specializes in the field of Alternative Investments

(i.e. lucrative and entrepreneur Real Estate in Israel and abroad, private loans and many other investment opportunities that are uncorrelated with the capital market(.

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Cocktail strictement Casher (Rabbinat de Tel-Aviv) : Bourse de Tel-Aviv.

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