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Founded in 1957, the Israel-France Chamber of Commerce & Industries (CCIIF) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting bilateral trade, investment and trade relations between Israel and France.

The Chamber provides a service of advice and practical information to French and Israeli companies. It also organizes various networking events and provides support and assistance to business networks in Israel and France with the aim of facilitating and accelerating trade and investment between the two countries.

As an organization led by our members of the board, we offer our members a wide range of services such as networking opportunities, professional contacts and the opportunity to be in our panelist speakers at our various events.

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La Chambre de Commerce, à travers le site internet, IsraelValley publie différents articles sur l’actualité économique franco-israélienne.

Le site publie plus d’une cinquantaine d’articles par semaine sur des sujets aussi variés que l’économie, la High-Tech, la finance, l’industrie, les sciences, la santé, l’éducation, l’immobilier, le tourisme, la culture…
IsraelValley est le site portail de langue française de la Silicon Valley israélienne et a pour objectif de promouvoir l’innovation israélienne et son dynamisme.


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CCIIF Events

CCIIF organizes professional, networking and public events once or twice a month.


Once a year 300 attendees International seminar on Technology Transfer

Joining the strong CCIIF network of leading companies and entrepreneurs: more than 5,000 French, Israeli and French-Israeli contacts.


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