VIP Luncheon

Every year 200 attendees Meeting with business influencers

VIP Luncheon2019-03-04T07:02:29+02:00

Cyber Meetup

Once a year 100 attendees International seminar on IT Security

Cyber Meetup2019-03-04T07:05:55+02:00

Career Center Events

Once a month 70 attendees Conferences and networking events

Career Center Events2018-05-13T21:30:32+03:00

Independence Day Gala

Once a year 200 attendees Gala in presence of French Ambassador in Israel

Independence Day Gala2018-05-13T21:32:44+03:00

Meet the leaders

Every 3 months 200 attendees Meeting with business influencers

Meet the leaders2018-05-15T12:09:57+03:00


Once a year 300 attendees International seminar on Technology Transfer


Wine Business Club

Every 3 months 150 attendees Networking and Wine tasting

Wine Business Club2018-05-13T21:34:30+03:00

Job Booster

▪1st edition in 2016 ▪1,000 attendees ▪Job Fair in Tel Aviv

Job Booster2018-05-13T21:45:00+03:00
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