In Tel Aviv, « Meet The Leaders » on March 25th. « Beresheet and the Conquest of Space by Israel ».

IsraelValley and CCIIF Tel-Aviv with the collaboration of Business-France are organizing a « Meet the Leaders » on March 25, 2019 with experts and testimonials on Israel’s space programme. A Question addressed during this bilingual evening: « In the Conquest of Space by Israel, what is the role of France? « .

Exceptional meeting in Tel Aviv on March 25, 2019. The CCIIF (Tel Aviv) has celebrated the launching of the lunar mission of Israel.

Guests: SpaceIL, Israel Aerospace Industries, Israeli Universities members of the project. 

CCIIF has also welcomed the France-Israel cooperation in the aeronautical and space field. 

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange has hosted this special evening.

Attendee: 175 persons

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